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In 2012, Co-founder Hamish Martin and his wife Liberty bought a derelict plot of land on the outskirts of Edinburgh, it was there they laid the roots of the Secret Herb Garden.


Hamish, a wine merchant, began to pursue his lifelong passion for plants by gaining a Herbology Diploma. Alongside Liberty’s passion for all things vintage the overgrown lowlands became an award-winning herb nursery, local arts centre, shop and cafe.


The Secret Herb Garden has over 600 naturally grown and tendered varieties of herbs that have been used in the production of many wonderful natural products: candles, beer, wine, and herbal salts among them. As well as providing top Edinburgh restaurants with unique natural ingredients.


In 2016 Steve Ross, Old Curiosity Distillery Co-founder number two, joined the Secret Herb Garden as a volunteer to learn more about the incredible powers of herbs. Steve owned a successful bar in South London, and had spent two decades working within the events industry and as a mixologist.


With over 50 years combined experience in the drinks trade and a joint passion for creating unique tipples from glorious natural ingredients, a herbologist and a mixologist began experimenting.


Beginning with Apothecary Rose, an ancient ingredient in tinctures and tonics, they discovered a natural reaction that can only be explained by the magic of nature: a natural colour change, the magical beginning of Secret Garden Gin.

They developed many more concoctions of fine gin and hand-grown herbs, then took to exploring a barn full of curious things.

Among the odds and sods, and the bits and bobs, Old Curiosity Distillery was founded in 2017.

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